I Love Models Group

I ❤ Models is dedicated to:
☑ Aspiring & Experienced Models
☑ Designers
☑ Agency & Academy Owners
☑ Photographers, Bloggers & Vloggers
☑ Fashion Lovers

❤ If you have your own Agency or Academy, this info is always helpful for models to make the right choice to start shining in the industry. We know how important knowledge and experience are, your support is a new chance to learn from the best.

❤ Designers can always send notes about new releases, special sales, even hunts. There’s always a new special creation to share with SL Fashion World. Let us know ;)

❤ We want to support the important job of photographers… Every model works hard to create their UNIQUE look and they show it through your images.

❤ Bloggers & Vloggers always sharing awesome news about fashion in SL, your personal style, events, helpful tips and more!

❤ Share your Magazine editions with our members and give us a chance to be part of your readers!

❤ Castings, Photo Contests, Fashion Shows and Charity Events news are always welcome! Make sure you let us know date, time, and LM :) These events are always good chances for aspiring models to learn a bit more what modeling is about.

❤ Last but not least, we want to share all this information with Models! The main goal of this group is providing info to aspiring models so they can improve their career. Experienced models are always looking for the next step and our notes could help you to find it.