About I Love Models

Founded on June 17th 2010, ILM has been an open door to those looking for some info about SL fashion industry… From promoting events to checking our bloggers’ notices about their art in our group, ILM has been the start of bloggers/designers and I’ve done my best to support different events from the first day. Working in collaboration with others is always a pleasure.

Promoting your services as a Fashion Academy/Agency or maybe those beautiful Fashion Shows (graduation, charity events, etc) has never been easier. ILM grants you posting rights once you contact me inworld, in exchange, I would appreciate your support by setting the group joiner in your business (as media partner, fashion group, a helpful group for new residents, etc).

Topics: FASHION: stores updates, hunts, charity events, classes, workshops, runway shows, blogs updates, photography, magazines, modeling jobs/classes, castings, photographic or cultural expo, sales, fashion related contests.
No nudity/porn/offensive content!!!

Please share 3 notices max. per day.

I ❤ Models is dedicated to:

☑ Aspiring & Experienced Models
☑ Designers
☑ Agency & Academy Owners
☑ Photographers, Bloggers & Vloggers
☑ Fashion Lovers

Currently, ILM’s members can join our Flickr and Facebook groups.
→ Flickr:
→ Facebook:

I’d like to thank those who believed in this project over the years and have shown your support.

My main goal is helping that new resident who recently joined SL, and of course, supporting talented people I have admired since I started my own career.

Veronica Dotterkelch – ILM Founder



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